The Bund

Shanghai, China

The famous waterfront promenade in Shanghai, known as The Bund, is a must-see place for visitors. From here, just across the Huangpu river, you can see the impressive skyline of the city while you take a stroll through the old part of town.

Reaching the Bund is made easy with city sightseeing bus line 1, which stop right next to it. However, Metro line 2 and 10 can also be utilized to make the journey by getting off at the East Nanjing stop and then walking left along East Nanjing Road till you see the water. Numerous buses will also make the stop near the Bund.

There is no entry fee to the walk-way and it is always thronged with crowds of locals and foreigners. The ideal time to go is in the late afternoon though, when you can get the best of both worlds. Snap pictures in the daylight, peacefully take in the transitioning color palette of the sky with the setting sun and then gaze in awe as the city comes alive with the evening lights. The word is that the Monument to the People’s Heroes is where you can score the most stunning snaps. Or at the promenade.

Some great activities during the trek across the pathway are visiting the lush lawns of the Huangpu park, the thousand meters plus Lover’s Wall and the Bund History museum which allows free entry. The amazing array of buildings of bygone eras is another fancy lure. The most imposing of these is the one in use by Pudong Development Bank and the Customs House with its strikingly beautiful clocktower called the Big Ching. When you contrast these with the modern skyscrapers across the river, you can immediately glean the progress of Shanghai across the ages. There is also a Bund Tourist Tunnel that costs RMB40 and is advertised as having great views from the tram going through, but the facilities are dated and there are much better attractions available with better value.

People watching on the Bund is a good way to while away the time. From dawn to the wee hours of the night, it is besieged by the populace. In daytime you’ll catch locals kite flying and jogging while night time brings party goers and those scampering home from work. There are many upscale eateries, bars and shopping opportunities along the promenade.

Taking a ferry on the Huangpu river is a classic way to get iconic shots of both sides of the river. Tours are available from various service providers ranging from 30 minutes to 3.5 hours and costs vary accordingly. Night cruises are more in demand because of the breath catching view they afford to visitors. But if you’re short of time (or budget) you can just pay RMB2 for the ferry going across to Pudong. The 15 minutes trip will still give you glimpses of either side of the water and you can carry on to Pudong or turn back to the promenade on another ferry.

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